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31 May 2019 - 4 June 2019 , McCormick Place
American Society of Clinical Oncology
  1. The city of Chicago is the third-most populous in the United States of America. A “must see” in Chicago is the Sable Museum of African-American history. It is the oldest museum of art in the United States. It deals with African-American history, art and culture. Another one would be the Chicago Cathedral which was built in neo-gothic style in 1834. It is one of the oldest churches in the city. The church interior decorated with plant motifs illuminates in 26 colors. Chicago also claims the title of the greenest city in the USA. In fact, the number and extent of green spaces in urban areas is enormous. Some 220 parks are located in Chicago. Their total size is about 30 km². Chicago’s motto “Urbs in Horto” (town in the garden) is thus justified.

    The sports arena United Center claims the title of the largest in the USA. It is the home base from the Chicago Bulls’ basketball team and the Chicago Blackhawks ice hockey team. Apart from sporting events there are regular concerts. The arena has over 20,000 seats. Lake Michigan, which borders Chicago to the east, is the second largest of the five Great Lakes in the Midwest of the US. With its 480 kilometers in length and 190 kilometers in width, it is like an inland sea. It is up to 280 meters deep and has a coastal line of over 2600 kilometers. Chicago sure is the city of superlatives and it has the nick-name “Windy City” although it is NOT the windiest city in the United States!

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