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What is a perfect event? A memory that makes you smile to yourself when you think of it.
That one song, that always takes you back there.

A photo that is still
held by magnets
on your fridge.


vents like this are like your favorite sweater in your cupboard – one of many but rare in its kind as the others are not that cozy and one is not feeling as comfortable as in the favorite one. For favorite-sweater-events one needs to be daring without breaking the mold. Having experience, without relying too much on the tried and trusted. Keeping cool, even when nothing goes as planned.

Together with you we knit your favorite sweater, as our events are staple goods off the racks. We take your measurements and you are setting the guideline regarding fashion, color and style. The perfect event does not exist – it needs to suit you, your guests and your message.

Fit and look do not make a sweater your favorite one.
What counts, is the story behind it.
Together with you we tell the story of your event that communicates exactly what you want to say to your guests.

Let us find just the right amount of emotion without becoming unreliable. Let us make your guests marvel without hamming it up. We put a common thread into your event-sweater – from the beginning until the very end. Your story will make the difference between a smile-worthy memory and an event off the racks.

Creativity and flexibility over the last 25 years have made us what we are today:

An institution in the German events industry, with security of experience and still always moving forward. We find the right location, arrange for a suiting set-up and stage everything with an ideal stage and light concept. No matter if it is a teambuilding or a gala event or you name it – we bring out the best of it for you.

In order for you to literally never lose sight of your event during the planning stage, our experts create digital plans that turn your vision into reality. All our events tell a different story.

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