August 30, 2017

Art Night

“Together one paints less alone”

Normally, I’m looking forward to a Thursday night on the couch. The reason is chronic sleep deficit, which accumulates over the week and reaches its peak on Thursday just before the weekend.
But because you do not experience a lot on the couch and I have neglected my artistic vein anyway for much too long, I recently spontaneously registered for the Art Night.

Everything you have to bring is yourself

The concept is as follows: Completely foreign people come together at a fixed date in changing locations, in order to paint a picture according to the art presentation of the respective evening.
Utensils are all provided by the organizer, everything you have to bring is yourself.

So I get up on the said Thursday directly after work to paint pictures with strangers. How this is now with Thursdays, I did not come out of the office on time, was stuck in congestion on the way to the Oak & Ice, the location of the evening, and then only found a parking lot eflt miles away because of numerous construction sites.

Finally, I was there, half an hour too late, stressed and regretful that I had registered at all. There were already about 20 people on the ground and everyone had already started as I sat in front of a white canvas and our teacher of the evening told me how to start painting a flower girl.

Water color effect with text markers

Slowly I came down and became more relaxed, the longer I worked on my canvas. We were shown how to create a water color effect with text markers and how best to paint flowers.

We all painted on our screens together, our teacher painted on an easel and explained the steps.
And although we all had the same work of art as the original, the paintings differed more and more the longer the evening went.

Some artists had experience, others just painted on it

Some flower girls were blond, others dark-haired. Some were pink or bright red, others dark and one even cried a black tear. Some artists had experience, others just painted on it.

  • The atmosphere became more and more jovial;
  • we had a lot of fun together,
  • although most did not know each other.
  • In the end, we all sat happily with dirty fingers
  • in front of our art,
  • the stress of the day was forgotten..

After admiring all the works of the other participants, we finished a group photo and then went our way.

What remains is the finished picture and the pride to have created it.
The Art Night costs around 30 € and is in my opinion the money definitely worth. Tickets and information about upcoming events can be found here:


Bilder Copyright: Verena Bonath / ArtNight


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