“Good conscience from the bowl”

Favourite Restaurant with a view

I know “The Bowl” is not new or an insider tip. And vegan restaurants in Berlin are nothing special anymore. Nevertheless, I wanted to write about The Bowl.

The magnetic Effect of a new Concept

Although the magnetic effect of a new, innovative concept has now subsided, it is still one of my favorites in Berlin.

When The Bowl was founded, the vegan movement was yet to mature in Berlin. The founder’s goal was to develop an awareness of the food and to know where it came from.

All organic-certified, regional, no refined sugar, not even gluten and of course no meat or anything else that an animal has ever seen from the inside. Sounds like the guest would be waiting for a tasteful experience at the level of a dust particle. This in mind, it is all the more surprising what awaits you in the characteristic bowl of the restaurant in which the ordered dish is served.

What looks tossed together at the first glance

actually is thought through properly

What first looks like randomly diced supplements and ingredients, is really well coordinated and thought through. I must know, I’ve tried every bowl on the card.

Today I had the Falafel Bowl, Miso Bean Hummus, Kicker Beans, Tabuleh Salad with Hemp Seeds, Roasted Carrots, Aubergine, Beetroot Balls, Cashew Lemon Sauce, Mixed Greens with Balsamico Vinaigrette. Yes, right, in a bowl.
In addition to the fixed menu, there is a weekly changing “Local Bowl” so that it is not boring for regular guests like me.

Afraid of judicious Vegan Eyes

Anyone who would like to come to the restaurant to try vegan, but is afraid to be impaled by judicious vegan eyes can calm down: The audience is strikingly mixed. From the long-haired muesli vegan to the business man – everyone goes here. Because the food is good.

  • If you acquired a taste in the restaurant,
  • you can shop
  • in the corresponding vegan supermarket
  • with the ingredients to cover.

So if you want to eat lunch or dinner without meat and not chewing on a dry lettuce, you are right here. And yes, you will be satisfied. For real.


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