Registration Software, New softwares in reception, new software ideas

“Software connects Worlds…”

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...and changes them.

Like all the other industries, the events industry has undergone decisive changes over the last years – from trendy highlights to new strategies in detailed planning.

A Software as your Management Assistant

Nowadays, software is ubiquitous in our everyday life and the internet of things surely has its impact on events and congresses. But we are not only talking about presentations and information graphics being shown on events and sales pitches, or online hotel booking tools, we are also talking about processes like participant registration on events! As a participant, we usually do not attach high importance to the preparation of the registration process.

Registration Software, New softwares in reception, new software ideas

Based on the classic ”your name and company please“ a variety of opportunities have been developed for event organizers for registering their attendees. By doing only one click, arrival times, possible delays and now shows become visible. Registration software is a wonderful tool for compiling statistics of events, but it comes at a price: The time of the event organizer and the attendee.

However, currently no company has the monopoly position in the market of registration software: event organizers use different tools for participant registration, respectively the one that serves the intentions of the event organizer best. Most software can already be used for a holistic approach: booking travel services, choosing the congress events one wants to take part in, hotel and restaurant bookings et cetera. Those tools can facilitate the interaction between event organizers, agencies and suppliers. Floods of e-mails and notifications – and in the best case: waiting time – can be avoided.

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Overstimulation, Hurdles & Education

Nonetheless, this issue is divisive: How many times are we required to install event apps on our personal phones or share a link or ”like“ something on social media in order to pay the entrance fee to an event? We are in dire need of strategies addressing how we can communicate the advantages of these apps – in the best case accessible via browser without download – tangible to the participants without giving them the feeling of being obliged.

The possible negative connotation is being intensified by the GDPR: When is an event organizer allowed to store which data of their participants, where is the data stored, and what happens to the data during and after the event? These questions are frankly not facilitating the choice of the fitting event app and registration software: Everything has to be in line with the GDPR. Fortunately, there are the first companies that are able to ensure that transparently and one-stop, thus making the life of an event organizer a little easier. It is a constantly growing niche-market, since participant data is sensitive and valuable at the same time. Thus, a competent consultancy regarding the choice of registration software is inevitable.

We have come to a point where full control over information and IT are not a competitive edge or a USP anymore: they became requirements. With that being said, the suppliers offering software with the easiest handling and most information output at the same time are going to succeed in this market. However, the way there is still to be discovered and every day we encounter new information and aspects within the field of participant registration and sensitive data.

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