December 15, 2018

Welcomed by Robots

Robots in Events, Robots as Hostess, Robots on Conferences, Robots for Incentives

“Human & Machine are living Together”

Robotizing has already been with us for a long time...

For a long time now, humans are dreaming of giving machines a human form and a consciousness. This topic gets more and more relevant since the development of artificial intelligence. Years ago, there was a race about who is going to travel outer space first, today companies are stressed about robotizing as it will not only define the future, it will also define which companies will be top performers in that future.

Robots in Events, Robots as Receptionist, Robots as Staff, Robotisierung, Robotern in Veranstaltungen
Robots as Staff, Mecanical Staff, Machines in Event Industry, Modern Hotels

…and will continue to do so.

We are far away from the moment where robots where only a vision: ideas of Fritz Lang or Asimov a century ago are now a market filled with opportunities and investors, that will without any doubt push the evolution in this field further.

Every day new opportunities on how to use robots are encountered – pure military and use of the state only are totally outdated. Nowadays there exist many companies that rely on robots in many of their own sectors, e.g. automatized processes. This is thanks to the progress of the communication between human and machine.

When we think of robots, usually our first associations are the Mars, smart homes or the health care sector. However, we should not neglect all the possibilities given in sectors like hospitality. With every new generation, robots come in an even more human form; there are already prototypes with human faces giving personal reactions. Step by step, the communication between human and machine will become more human overall.

Machines with Personality

Hanson Robotics developed the biggest milestone so for: a robot named Sophia gained the Saudi Arabian citizenship in 2017. Although this is mainly a marketing campaign of the Arabic kingdom, it is a relevant milestone in the development of robots. Sophia was also able to give quick answers to every question in front of the FII (Future Investment Initiative) and is even daring to say witty things about Elon Musk – one of the main competitors of Hanson Robotics.

Robotizing, Welcomed by Robots, Robots on Events, Robots on Congresses
  • Evenly fascinating models are
  • also manufactured at Osaka University and Kokoro Ltd. Company.
  • From 2003 onwards, both manufactured realistic prototypes
  • that give answers with shorter and shorter processing times.
  • Their gestures are still somewhat static but become
  • more reminiscent of a human by the time.

Robots are already working on trade fairs, congresses, conventions and shopping centers. For example, they are holding tablet PCs, supplying guests and participants with information about programs, locations et cetera. The biggest step in robotizing tasks like that might be the Henn Na hotel: The Henn Na group opened the first “robot hotel” in Nagasaki. The robots there respond in a very realistic female voice and speak up to 4 languages.

Meanwhile, more hotels have been opened throughout Japan – and they are changing the world of hospitality: Staff costs are being saved, processes are designed in a more efficient way and the hotels themselves have some kind of sight worth seeing, that does not only attract nerds as a target audience. Staying in a hotel and being looked after by robots? What a fascinating experience!

Henn Na relies on robots and wins – setting an example of what we can expend to find more and more over the next years. But is increase of efficiency without limits really desirable? If we look at money: Of course! …but no matter how interesting it might be to stay in a hotel managed by robots, the interpersonal interaction literally gets lost. Some guests prefer to be looked after by real humans, having real encounters – in spite of robots being able to do many tasks more efficient and precise than a human already.

Are we navigating to an era where robots will be able to react in a 100% human way and thus serving the interpersonal human interaction? Will robots organize events for robots? …or are we humans in the MICE industry and all the other areas of life not completely irreplaceable? Time will tell! Until then, we do our best to keep our fingers on the evolution’s pulse!

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